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With over 20 years of innovation and industry leadership, Bufo Climbing Shoes are hand-made in the Czech Republic by Bufo. Their craftsmen have over 130 years of combined climbing shoe making experience. Ensuring you get the highest quality possible with the same quality guarantee.  A shoe for every style of climbing, wide to narrow feet, there is a Bufo climbing shoe for everyone, from beginner to the professional. 

Need a tough Rental shoe?

Unlike other rental shoes on the market, the UnBreakable is not designed to be disposable and will last well over 100+ rentals!  They are also made in a first world country by people who are being paid fairly.  No sweat shops were supported in the production of the UnBreakable. 

Look no further than the Bufo Unbreakable. The Bufo Unbreakable was the world’s first rental fleet shoe. It was designed specifically for the highly destructive and demanding environment of the indoor climbing wall, outfitter, camp and other program fleets.

For wholesale inquiries please call Todd 0435 042 853 or by email.

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